[img_assist|nid=65518|title=No ringy dingy|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=135|height=132]How truly freaked out is the Republican Party tonight? This freaked out:

Right in the middle of President Obama's 30-minute speech, in which he quite forcefully touted his new job creation measure, the telephone in our suburban Milwaukee home rang. Here's the conversation that ensued:

ME: Hello?

CALLER: May I speak to [MRs. Man MKE]?

ME: Whom may I say is calling?

CALLER: (After a brief pause) I'm Doug, and I'm calling from the Republican National Committee.

ME to Mrs. Man MKE, who votes regularly, but never for Republicans: Honey, would you like to speak with someone from the Republican National Committee?

MRS. MAN MKE: No. I'm watching the president's speech right now.

ME to Caller: She does not wish to speak with you.

[Caller doesn't respond, but line goes dead at once]

This phone call has been brought you to by People Who Don't Want Anyone, Especially Democrats, Listening to Obama. Even For A Minute.

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