You may have noticed that the site has been bouncing up and down like a yoyo for some of the day.  I thought if I was going to cause havoc that New Years Day was as good a time as any.  The site has moved to a different server which it now more or less has to itself.  This will let us do some specific performance tuning and make more changes and improvements.  On the other hand, things may be a little unstable for a few days while we fix things up, though things look pretty stable right now.

One other change is with user accounts.  As of yesterday, you can only get an account on Uppity Wisconsin if you are invited.  We're only going to be allowing accounts for people who are going to be blogging, so if you're not interested in writing a blog, please don't bother. We are so inundated with requests for accounts from spammers that it's just becoming a big time drain.   You can still comment without an account, but your comments will go into a moderation queue, so it may be up to a day before your comments appear on the site.

Happy New Year - this is the start of multiple new features on the site that I hope you'll enjoy.