The latest on the pending Eau Claire School board race is about David Westrate. Some of his investment schemes of the 90's put him in the category of a mini-Koch brother. 

David Westrate started his write-in candidacy with an announcement that brought up some immediate questions. Westrate began by announcing that people should be voting for him and current school board president, Dr. Carol Craig. Westrate's announcement sounded like an endorsement but it wasn't too long after his announcement that Carol Craig made the following statement:

"I have been deluged with emails and phone calls asking if I am endorsing David Westrate for the upcoming school board election. In Mr. Westrate’s candidacy announcements he has asked that his supporters vote for 'Carol Craig and write in candidate David Westrate'. I do not know this man and I was a surprised that he included my name on his materials. Even if I did know David, it would be very inappropriate for any sitting elected official on a non-partisan board to endorse perspective candidates. I am requesting that David not associate my name with his campaign." 

Funny thing is, Westrate's announcement indicated he was miffed at the recent school board action giving the public employees a new contract. Dr. Carol Craig is proud of that settlement. He also states he'll vote no to the pending referendums that will help meet some badly needed repairs and expansion. Craig as president of the school board, is not only supporting the referendum, she was instrumental in getting the referendum on the April 5th election docket. 

Recently, links floating out on the Internet and Facebook are about David Westrate and his mini-Koch debacle with his offshore investments. Back in 1996, after his wife Barbara filed for divorce, she found out her husband had hidden assets from her. About $11 in an offshore investments on an island off of New Zealand. Assets he purposely kept from her knowledge. Assets in which she was not mentioned as a beneficiary.

Westrate's at the time was the owner/operator of National Business Institutes, a multi-million dollar company that held educational seminars for attorneys. In an article in the ABA Journal, they talk about ethics of Westrate's offshore investment method to hide parts of one's estate from an ethical perspective. 

David Westrate is also the father of Brian Westrate of Eau Claire. Brian is the Eau Claire Republican Party Chairman. With this strong Republican Party affiliation, it is no surprise where David Westrates stands in regards to the recent controversy concerning collective bargaining rights and unions. Apparently Westrate is also riled up about automatic dues deductions going directly into liberal causes and Democrat's campaigns. As he states on his write-in website:

"Perhaps those employees know that the unions overwhelmingly favor liberal causes and democrat candidates" Westrate wrote. 

Westrate's position is similar to Governor Walker's wording in the now famous "Budget Despair Bill". The union dues are mostly established by the unions and paid by the members through their own wages. Most school districts use automated payroll deduction systems and have this process done efficiently and legally. The "budget despair bill" puts collecting dues exclusively on the backs of the union organizations. Making it more inefficient and costly for the unions. Another way to break the backs of those that organize for workers rights. 

There are two open positions on the Board for this Tuesday's election on April 5th. My suggestions for this coming election are Trish Cummings and Dr. Carol Craig on April 5th. Let the mini-Koch brother to his own devices in his own business endeavors. -saw-

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