Tim Russell is back, baby!

After two years in the slammer,* the mastermind behind the criminal scheme** to steal taxpayer dollars to fund Scott Walker's 2010 gubernatorial campaign is no longer prisoner #00597584.

And this isn't the old sourpuss who went into prison two years ago  No, this is Tim Russell version 2.0-- complete with a cocky smile that seems to be letting all the various players in Wisconsin politics know that he's ready to resume his place as Walker's Karl Rove.       

* A cushy minimum security facility on the shores of Lake Winnebago where he was able to leave during the day to go to work for a wealthy Walker donor. 

** Alleged mastermind.  Just because Scott Walker explicitly emailed Russell to ixnay ethay illegalyay ampaigncay orkway inyay ethay overnmentgay officesyay when the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal started sniffing around doesn't prove anything. Zero. Zip. Nada!