Many Republican legislators quit answering their telephones days ago, not wanting to hear any more opposition to Gov. Scott Walker's union-busting budget bill.

Now Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald has shut down the legislative hotline, the toll-free number for citizens to call their representatives in the Capitol.

As Rep. Jon Richards, D-Milwaukee, points out, "The Hotline is especially important to those who are spurred to action but who may not know who to contact.  The Hotline will take note of their concerns and forward the information to the appropriate office."

"I am outraged by the Speaker’s action," Richards said.   "He knows how important the hotline is and how it facilitates contact between citizens and their government and yet decided to shut it down during a time of great need.  Now is not the time to stifle democracy.  Now is the time to open communications and let the voice of the people be heard."

People can call their state senators and representatives directly, of course -- if they know who they are and look up their direct numbers.

Walker and the Republicans continue to be tone deaf on this issue.  Plugging their ears and pulling out the phone lines won't make it go away.

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