In 2004, Scott Walker was Chair of President Bush's Wisconsin re-election campaign and the mission was clear:  Take ownership of the "good feelings" Wisconsinites were experiencing toward Wisconsin's economy.   The problem, though, was that Democrat Jim Doyle was also taking credit for Wisconsin's steller economy:

"I don't know how Jim Doyle on one side of his mouth touts the state's economy... I don't see how Doyle can somehow surgically remove that from the good feelings for George Bush."  - Scott Walker

Now, ironically, the central campaign theme of Scott Walker's re-election campaign is that it would be a big mistake for Wisconsin to go back to the bad old days under Jim Doyle when Wisconsin lost 135,000 jobs.  Overlooking, of course, that Wisconsin under Doyle gained over 100,000 jobs before The Great Recession, that Burke wasn't with the Doyle administration when the massive job loss occurred and that it was George Bush's laissez faire policies that drove the national economy into the ditch. 

Hmmm... I don't see how Bush's old campaign chair can surgically remove George Bush from Wisconsin's 135,000 job loss that occurred at the height of Bush's Great Recession.