Scott Fitzgerald, the Republican State Senate leader, just makes it up as he goes along.  Today's jaw dropper from the Journal Sentinel:

Fitzgerald Tuesday repeated his position that the budget repair bill must pass in its current form since the Assembly - led by his brother, Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R-Horicon), has already taken a vote on it. The changes would have to be made by the Legislature's budget committee when it takes up the 2011-'13 budget bill, he said.

Actually, if he would consult that "How a Bill Becomes a Law" pamphlet that they give away to Capitol visitors, he would find that the Senate is also allowed to make changes in the bill.

It is also true that with the 14 Democrats missing, the GOP majority moved the Assembly-passed version to the non-amendable stage, but could not vote on final passage without a quorum of 20, which requires at least one Democrat to be present.

But the Senate could easily return the bill to the non-amendable stage, either by unanimous consent or a vote, and then consider amendments.  If they pass some, they send the bill back to the Assembly, which can accept or accept the Senate amendments.  If they reject some or all, the process continues until both houses pass the same version and send it to the governor.

I'm sorry to write all of that elementary level explanation.  But when I'm done I think I will e-mail it to Scott Fitzgerald.

The Fitzs and Walker insult the intelligence of Wisconsin citizens on a daily basis.  And the newpaper dutifully prints whatever they say. 

This is a hell of a way to run a railroad.

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