Today we learned from Dan Bice's column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that GOP legislators in the state Assembly seriously considered a move to double the amount that an individual can donate to a state or local candidate for public office, from $10,000 to $20,000. Moreover, these unwise (and campaign-funds hungry) politicians also sought to INDEX the new ceiling, so it would grow automatically to cover inflation.

These are largely the same politicians who see no need whatsoever to index the state's minimum wage, amounts for which haven't changed since 2009. Because, while everyone agrees politicians need ever larger campaign funds, Lower-income Wisconsin residents working at the minimum wage simply do not need to earn more money, unless of course their employers take pity on them. Even though the minimum wage in Wisconsin has been badly outrun over the years by inflation. Meaning that if you're in a minimum wage job, or maybe two or three of them, you can't possibly support your family. Not at seven bucks an hour plus change, anyway. 

And let's not forget just how many of our elected officials still talk about whether we even need a minimum-wage law at all, since, in this best of all possible worlds, "the market" will take care of us if we only strive to better ourselves. Righhhhhhhht.

The only reason the hypocritical campaign finance measure didn't advance was, reportedly, because Speaker Robin Vos thought it miight tend to reduce Democratic support for his entire package of onerous, "election reform" measures that would basically corral more Democrats. But it might still come up later in a separate measure. Perhaps around midnight.

As usual, too many of our lawmakers are only too happy to look after themselves and protect their incumbencies, while, beyond homilies and lip service, ignoring the needs of their hard-pressed constituents. Remember to remind them next time you run into your elected reps that what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. And don't forget to take a frequent gander at what (ahem!) your representatives are up to in the Capitol.

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