From the Onalaska-Holmen Tribune:

"The tools you gave us are not the tools we want," Kamprud said."You gave us muscle. But we don't want to use it. You're takingaway my income, their choices, their brilliance. We have no futureas a state."

Medinger expressed bitterness at what he said was an assumptionthat every organization with union employees have bad relationshipswith them. "You're making an assumption that our association hasbeen unwilling to work with us, and that is not true in thisdistrict."

"I don't question that," Kapanke said, which brought roars from thecrowd. Medinger was forced to bring the meeting to order, remindingthe crowd: "Unlike Madison, we hope to keep some decorum."

If Kapanke was hoping for a friendly crowd in rural Wisconsin, he was sadly mistaken:

If there were any Kapanke supporters in the room or on the board, they were silent.