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Kim Simac is the teabagger recall organizer who won the GOP primary to run in the Aug. 16th recall election against State Sen. Jim Holperin (D-Conover). Her main campaign slogan: "A leader who won't run away," which refers to the quorum-denying departure from the Capitol this past spring of Holperin and all the other Wisconsin Senate Democrats, just before Republicans were going to ram through the union-busting law in special session. That time out was, of course, what gave state residents time to divine the full awfulness of Scott Walker's attack on public employees. And it is what forced Republican lawmakers to admit the measure was not about saving tax dollars, since they eventually yanked it out of the state budget bill in order to enact it separately.

But Stimac is a little run, run, run, run runaway herself. First, she runs away from economic reality when she supports further Republican class warefare on the lower and middle classes. And she's a runaway for not acknowledging a dirty truth: Members of her Republican Party are perfectly happy to skip out when they're trying to force Democrats to do what they want. How else to explain the actions of House Speaker John Boehner late last week? For the second time, Boehner walked away from talks with the president on averting a government (and perhaps international) fiscal crisis. Boehner insists Republicans won't sign on to a new national debt ceiling unless Democrats agree to slash social spending and all but destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

And apparently Stimac doesn't recall (recall -- get it?) how future Republican president Abraham Lincoln once jumped out the window of the Illinois state Capitol to prevent a vote on a horrible law of his own era.

Where oh where is Del Shannon when we need him?

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