We have a lot of exciting plans for Uppity Wisconsin over the summer.  One thing I am trying to build is a way for all of our readers to help crowdsource progressive news about Wisconsin. You can help out with the first experimental phase of that.  I know a lot of our readers scour the web every day, and you all find interesting stuff about Wisconsin on the web.  So here's the deal.  If you have a Reddit account, I'd really appreciate it if you would put items into my Wisconsin Progressive Subreddit. If you don't have a Reddit account and want to help out, go get a Reddit account already. 

We take the feed of those articles and pop it up into the side block on the site called "Wisconsin Progressive" which appears throughout the site.  More importantly, this gives our writers a chance to see what you are finding interesting, and to blog about it. Help create our news and help to build a list of articles that you've found interesting and helpful (but please ---- only news from Wisconsin or related to Wisconsin).  For the time being this subreddit is wide open for submissions - we'll see how it goes. Let me know if you have any questions - just leave a comment.