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Wauwatosa Library – Firefly Room

6:30 PM – Thurs. Oct. 6

How much does it cost to run for a U.S. Senate seat?  One million dollars?  Two?  Four?  Only if you want to lose. The cost of running for office has grown so large that only a tiny sliver of Americans can donate anything significant, or dream of running themselves.  America’s current electoral system forces elected representatives in both parties, to rely on special interests for their job security.  Large corporations in the oil industry, banking industry, agrichemical industry, and health insurance industry have more influence over our elected representatives than We the People.  Is it any wonder we are so unhappy with the policies they make?  PRICELE$$ is a one-hour documentary by Steve Cowan that diagnoses the problem, and introduces some possible solutions. There will be an opportunity to discuss the movie after the show.


Sponsored by the Coffee Party – Milwaukee NW

The Coffee Party – Milwaukee NW is a democracy movement made up of local every-day Americans; Republicans, Democrats and Independents. We advocate only for the interests of the people, not powerful interests that already have too much influence in Madison and Washington. We are a non-partisan, fact-based, solutions-oriented network determined to have an impact in our nation's deliberative process through education.  Recognizing that many Americans are searching for a way to participate in our political process without adhering to any partisan or ideological framework, our aim is to provide a gathering place and a method for those who might not otherwise have a voice in our democracy.