You can try to cross the police, governor, but the police are going to hold the line.

Aside from the great news that the petition drive to recall Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleisfisch has within two days achieved a significant proportion of the necessary number of signatures, with nearly two months to go, the other great news is that petition drives are happening everywhere. And we mean everywhere.

For example, police officers in one of the state's largest cities started right out holding a petition drive, sharing food around and collecting a batch of signatures from their ranks seeking the ouster of the Republican governor and his lieutenant. [I'll refrain from naming the particular city, so that the police union can make its own announcement, in due course.]

Police, of course, are among the short list of public workers whose unions were exempted by Walker from his union-busting bill. Why? Because, as he said in his own words, he was afraid trying to bust police and firefighter unions along with the rest would lead to serious public disruption.

Well, how quaintly wrong he was, and on two levels. Police and firefighters are none too happy at the way Walker and his Republican pals in the legislature treated their labor brothers and sisters. They have every right to presume he'll be coming for their unions, too, at some point, given the chance.

Not only did off-duty police officers and firefighters from across the state march in great numbers at last spring's Capitol rallies (helping to put the lie to the Republican meme that the protesters were union thugs from other states). Now they are busy helping to force Walker into a recall election. And doing it in a fun way, too.

Share your own stories about the great diversity of voices across Wisconsin who are expressing their displeasure with the Walker regime by scrawling their John Henrys on official petitions to recall him. Cops, firefighters, even some Republicans. Come one, come all. Let's have some fun!

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