Rep. Paul Ryan's moment in the sun is fading quickly. Ryan tells Politico that presidential politics will prevent his plan to end Medicare and gut Medicaid from being passed.

What he really means is that the voters have found out what's in his plan, and his Republican colleagues are scared to death to support it. It is safe to say that no one is going to run for President on the Ryan platform.

Rather than a “grand slam,” Ryan said at a Bloomberg News breakfast on Wednesday that he’d be happy “with a single or double,” which he described as an agreement on spending cuts and caps tied to a congressional vote this summer to raise the debt limit.

It's practically a given that there will be some cuts tied to the debt limit. That's not even a bunt single. More like a fielder's choice.

Additional evidence of Ryan plan's poor reception:

Crucial GOP chair delivers death blow to Paul Ryan's Medicare plan

Boehner: Political realities on Capitol Hill make Medicare privatization difficult

Two more GOP senators back off Paul Ryan's Medicare plan

Voters dislike GOP plan to change Medicare, Medicaid

When do you suppose we'll read any of this in the Journal Sentinel?

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