According to Jake Harper of the Sunlight Foundation:

“Conservative outside spending group Wisconsin Club for Growth has purchased at least $111,000 in television ads in support of incumbent Justice Pat Roggensack, ramping up a political ad war in what is officially a non-partisan race for the state's Supreme Court.”

“The advertisements are set to run at least until Feb. 18 -- the day before the primary election -- according to information gathered from a Sunlight tool that tracks political ad purchases, and phone calls to local stations. Steve Scadden, a sales manager for Madison TV station WISC, confirmed Thursday that the ads support Roggensack.”

“So far, spending totals are known for only three stations. Wisconsin Club for Growth paid $32,450 for 34 spots at the CBS affiliate and $28,000 at the NBC affiliate, both in Milwaukee, and $50,700 for ads at the CBS station in Madison.”

“The expenditures by Wisconsin Club for Growth piggyback on donations from other conservative groups, contributing to Roggensack's already sizeable financial advantage. Though Roggensack -- like other candidates -- isn't running on a party line, she is supported by Republican groups in Wisconsin, according to campaign finance disclosures.”

Her opponents, attorney Vince Megna and Marquette University law professor Ed Fallone, appear to be financing their own campaigns.

Megna and Fallone have not purchased ads yet. 

Sunlight will continue to monitor the ad buys using Political Ad Sleuth.

The Club for Growth Policy Goals add “sunlight” to the reason that so much money is being spent to keep Roggensack in her position. It continues the Plutocrat's assault on the middle class an the poor.

Club for Growth Policy Goals:

  • Reduce income tax rates

  • Death tax repeal

  • Limited government through limited spending and budget reform, including a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution

  • Social Security reform with personal retirement accounts for younger workers

  • Expanding trade freedom (free trade)

  • End abusive lawsuits through medical malpractice and tort reform

  • Replacing the current tax code (flat tax, fair tax)

  • School choice

  • Regulatory reform and deregulation

(source: Club for Growth web site)


The Club for Growth is the Club to Beat Down the Middle Class and Poor!