Wisconsin's uber-conservative junior US senator surprisingly hit one out of the park today on behalf of progressives and activists. In an opinion column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Ron Johnson wrote:

The United States has a long history of corruption, mismanagement and appeasement of regimes that are determined to develop weapons of mass destruction, limit freedom and commit genocide. These are indisputable facts.

Wow! I didn't know the guy had it in him. But, obviously, past and continuing US abuse of international war conventions, its use during the last Bush administration of torture like water-boarding, its tremendously huge and destabilizing nuclear arsenal and continuing moves to curb the freedom of Americans to vote, to assemble, to speak freely and more. These are indisputable facts, all right!

Way to go, RoJo. I'm so very happy you've finally seen the light and....  Oops. Wait. Typo! Johnson didn't say UNITED STATES, he said, ahem, UNITED NATIONS. The moment came when he attempted, badly and unconvincingly, to explain his vote against ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, a treaty that even former Sen. Bob Dole -- himself disabled -- endorsed. Approval failed because supporters could only muster 61 percent of Senate members to say yes. Whoopee! Representative democracy prevails again!

The defeat was justified, you see, because, according to RoJo, the UN is morally corrupt. And, like, well, I dunno, the world's most important international organization sends black helicopters to kidnap our cows and stuff, or something. Next thing you know, it'll make every American study the Koran before breakfast and confiscate our corn flakes afterward. We Americans will just go it alone and let the UN do whatever it does without our consent, thank you.

Thank god Ron Johnson has the guts to join the long-standing anti-UN screed of the John Birch Society and to 'splain it all to us appeasement-minded, peace-loving dolts. Good thing that backwards types like Johnson are here to slow the rush toward humanitarian sanity, ethos and caring. Because, in their minds, that's not what the US of A is all about. It's about doing what we feel like doing, whenever we feel like it.

So, never mind my typo. And never mind the human typo that is Ron Johnson, a blowhard who continues to joke up the United States Senate, insisting on telling all of us that he's the guy with the solutions to our pressing problems -- but to whom, oddly, no one seems very much interested in paying attention. Hmmm, I wonder why... .

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