At the moment the senate is convening, but they don't have a quorum since no Democrats have shown up (and there are still apparently 2 Republicans missing).  They are reading the vote - they're trying to have a roll call.  Updates soon.  Hard to follow because the Wisconsin Eye coverage is still stuttering furiously even though thev'e moved it to the Channel 3000 site.

By twitter I hear that Mike Ellis has just declared an "informal" session as they try to find enough senators to hold a session.  I've also heard that the Republican senators are starting to leave.  I wish some of the actual coverage of this was working.

Today there are not only firemen union members at the capitol in support, but also a large contingent of police officers.

Hearing rumors that Walker has called out the State Patrol to try to find the missing senators. -Yes, just heard that he's definitely trying to find the senators, but that they may all be out of state already.

Hey - if this newfangled Internet thing can't be trusted to bring us this sort of breaking news from WisconsinEye - can't we at least get radio coverage?  You remember radio, don't you?  Just asking.

Thanks again to all the bloggers and twitterers in Madison for providing the only coverage that seems to be working.  You know who you are, and when life settles I'll thank you properly.

TV is reporting that all 14 missing Dem senators are out of the state -- What the hell, is this Texas?  It's been an unbelievable few days.