Since Friday, March 11 when protesters went to Sen. Randy Hopper's (R-Fond du Lac) home to speak to him, the story of Randy's extramarital life has been gaining more steam. Several bloggers have picked up on the story and the links are attached to this story below. The MainScream press has not really picked up on it yet as they may think it's old news as he filed for divorce in August of 2010.

There are a couple of questions regarding one of Wisconsin's 19 GOP senators may have to answer. Questions regarding both his residency legitimacy and possibly much worse accusations regarding favors from a lobbyist. It appears that Mr. Hopper is living in Madison with an ex-lobbyist/Pr consultant named Valerie Cass that once worked for Persuasion Partners, Inc. (PPI) PPI has a long laundry list of Repuglicans as their client such as:

  • Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen
  • U.S. Representative Tom Petri
  • U.S. Representative John Shimkus 
  • U.S. Representative James Sensenbrenner
  • U.S. Representative Mark Green
  • U.S. Representative Paul Ryan
  • U.S. Representative Phil Roe
  • U.S. Representative Candidate Jim Tracy
  • U.S. Representative Candidate Jeff Hartline
  • U.S. Representative Candidate John Gard
  • U.S. Representative Candidate Dave Magnum
  • U.S. Representative Candidate Sean Duffy
  • U.S. Representative Candidate Dan Kapanke
  • U.S. Senate Candidate Ron Johnson

Valerie was still up on their website as of Saturday, March 12 but can no longer be found. I've not been able to confirm is she till works there or if they were just behind on updating their website. I've contacted PPI to see why the site was changed and will update this story once I hear back from PPI. 

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