I read once that Nixon tried to normalize things to the public by inviting House and Senate Dems out to a golf outing with himself and Republican legislators.   As you might imagine, nobody accepted that invite-- not even the Republicans.

Nixon, of course was delusional and didn't have a grip on the reality that he would be soon chased out of office in disgrace. 

Like, Nixon, Walker is the target of a federal investigation, will likely be charged and will soon be chased out of office.

Unlike Nixon, however, not only is Walker delusional, but so are the Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature and those Dems that are humoring the Mad Hatter and going to this "Beer and Brat" shindig.

Yes, the public wants things to be normalized.  They don't want a governor that is target of a federal investigation and on the verge of being charged. And having a "beer and brat" get-together with the governor and his pals in the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate out together would certainly make things seem normal.

But, things aren't normal.  Walker is the target of a federal criminal investigation and no amount of ignoring the giant (soon to be charged) pink elephant will change that basic truth.