The mounting cry in the state for a recall of Scott Walker seems to be having an effect.  According to the latest poll from Public Policy Polling, Scott Walker would not survive a recall election today if he ran against either Russ Feingold or Tom Barrett.  Since the restructuring of the state by Walker and his henchmen is only starting, I suspect these numbers will continue to slide as time goes on.

At the moment the poll suggests that Walker would lose to Feingold 52-42, and would prefer Barret by 50-43.  The recent shift in these numbers seems to not be due to any big shift among those who identify as Republican or Democrat, but by those who think of themselves as Independents.  That group of voters will really be in play in Wisconsin over the next year, as both parties try to woo them.  It appears the Republicans are currently not doing such a great job of that - small wonder, since every day seems to reveal a new agenda being driven strongly by political ideology rather than the good of the people in the state. Let's hope that this trend continues, and that the Republicans in power in the state continue to show where their real interests lie.