David Clarke in an interview posted Oct. 15 on Third Coast Digest:

Bonus Question: Will you run again for Milwaukee Mayor or seek the County Executive position, depending on the outcome of the gubernatorial race?

“I learned a long time ago to take life one day at a time. My only goal is to get re-elected sheriff and continue serving the people of Milwaukee County in this capacity.”

David Clarke on Nov. 2, two months before his new term as sheriff would start:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., fresh from his solid victory to a third term as the county’s top cop, said Tuesday he’ll now take a hard look at running for county executive....“There are some things in my favor” in a run for county executive, Clarke said. “I have the name recognition; I have countywide support… I’ve won six countywide races now ... One of the other upsides for me is it’s not partisan. It’ll be hard for people to say, ‘He’s not a real Democrat.’”

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