I expect a lot of you are wondering what has been going on with Uppity Wisconsin on election day.  We were wondering too for quite a while.  We have been under a fairly severe attack on our servers - I won't go into it, but a lot of computers outside of the US have been attacking our systems and giving them fits in a big distributed denial of service attack.  We were too busy paying attention to the election to realize it was going on for quite a while.

We've managed to block most of this and repair the carnage that happened, but it's unlikely we've seen the least of this.  The fact that it happened on such a big election date in Wisconsin does not seem to us to be a coincidence.  We are keeping a lookout for it happening again, and are a littel better prepared to deal with it now.

Oh --- and it was a bad night for Democrats in Wisconsin.  More on that later.  At the moment I'm getting some sleep.