As the map to the left shows, Wisconsin pays about the same in state and local taxes, on a per capita, basis as 19 other states, less than 13 states, and more than 18 states. 

While it is true that we pay more than some states, its also true that those states are mostly located in the South. Southern stereotypes aside, Wisconsin and other northern states do have a better commitment to education, clean air and water, and other "quality of life" areas that make Wisconsin, Wisconsin and Mississippi, Mississippi.  

We also spend billions more each year in snow removal, heating and other winter-related costs than our Southern counterparts.  Wisconsin actually ranks 4th in the nation in snow removal costs and 10th in the nation in heating costs

Keep all this in mind tonight, when Governor Walker creates another phony emergency:  No it's not that "we're broke!"  This time its "we're over-taxed!"