No one who has ever served our country in uniform should end up living on the street.

But our veterans are twice as likely as other Americans to be homeless.

In the Milwaukee area, an estimated 25% of all homeless people are veterans. That means about 400 homeless veterans in Milwaukee County alone.

Milwaukee's Veterans for Peace chapter is working every day to help our comrades in need. As a chapter member and a member of the board of its homeless veterans program, I'm asking for your help.

What began a few years ago with two veterans doing a couple of hours of outreach once a week, to see if there were veterans who needed help, has grown into the Homeless Veterans initiative, serving hundreds of Milwaukee area vets in need.

It is based on the commitment that we don't leave our wounded behind.

We provide immediate help to those that need immediate help. We serve as a transitional bridge for those veterans who have lost touch, and trust, with the veterans resource network. We have helped more than 70 of them qualify for veterans Administration benefits.

Once a week, we conduct an early morning search of the overnight sleeping spots of the homeless looking for veterans. 

In partnership with St. John's Lutheran Church, near the VA hospital, we now operates the only veteran Food Pantry in the state of Wisconsin and offer a free breakfast program once a week.

We are recognized by the counselors and case workers at the VA as a resource for the veterans as they then leave the programs and are able to get their first apartments and rooms. Through donations, we furnish the veterans apartments with furniture and household items, as well as clothing.

Of all the things I'm involved with, this program is closest to my heart.  You can see, firsthand if you wish, almost immediate results when you donate something or volunteer your time.

It is a low overhead operation run almost entirely by volunteers, veterans helping veterans.  Every dollar you give will be put to immediate and effective use.

And the need is great.  Much of the money we raise to stay afloat comes in small donations collected at benefits or community events like neighborhood festivals, literally a dollar at a time.  We have begun to receive some small grants, but still rely heavily on individuals to support our work.

I know this is the time when you receive many year-end apppeals for help, but I hope you will  do what you can to help us keep helping our veterans in need.

You can join our growing list of donors here:   Or, if you prefer to contribute by check, If you would like to help with a check, make it out to: VFP Homeless Veterans Initiative, P.O.Box 80699, Milwaukee WI 53208.  Contributions are tax deductible.

On behalf of Milwaukee's homeless and neediest veterans, our sincere thanks and gratitude for whatever you can do to help.

PS: You'll find much more information on the website,

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