Menomonie, Wisconsin, 05/21/2024: The City of Menomonie will continue
to follow Alternate-Side Irrigation Restriction Rules between June 1st, 2024
and September 1st, 2024 to reduce the peak demands on our water supply
during the summer.
What are the Alternate Side Irrigation Restriction Rules?
Properties with even-numbered addresses (like 620 11th St) can water their
lawns only on even-numbered days (like June 2, June 4, June 6, etc.).
Properties with odd-numbered addresses (like 621 11th St) can water their
lawns only on odd-numbered days (like June 1, June 3, June 5, etc.).
What can community members do to further reduce their outdoor water usage?
• Adjust your sprinklers so that they’re
watering your lawn and garden, and not
the street or sidewalk.
• Water early in the morning (before
10:00) or later in the evening (after
6:00) to reduce evaporation.
• Inspect your irrigation system for leaks,
broken lines, or blockage in the lines.
• Replace some turf area with native
Wisconsin, low water use plants.
• Adjust your mower to a higher setting.
A taller lawn provides shade to the
roots and helps retain soil moisture, so
your lawn requires less water.
• If run off or puddling occurs, break
longer watering sessions into several
short sessions allowing water to soak
into the soil between each session.
• Water established lawns about 1 inch
per week.
Stay up to date with the City of Menomonie and learn more about irrigation in the summer:
• City of Menomonie Facebook
• Wisconsin DNR Native Plant Education
• Wisconsin DNR Water Conservation Tip

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