People in Dunn County have an opportunity to weigh on on the Dunn County Community Health Improvement Plan by taking a survey from the Dunn County Health Department.

By taking this survey, you will

(1) share your thoughts and opinions on the health needs of Dunn County

(2) help inform the upcoming Dunn County Community Health Improvement Plan


Information gathered from the survey will be used to help determine how to best address the needs of Dunn County. By taking this survey you help shape the priorities in Dunn County! Let your voice be heard!  

Save the Date: The results will be shared at a community event on July 16th, 2019. Members of the community are invited and strongly encouraged to attend the July 16th event!
This will be a chance to learn about the results of the survey and discuss how to use the information to create a health improvement plan for Dunn County.

All responses will be kept CONFIDENTIAL and in no way will be linked back to you. 

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