From a press release from Menomonie Parks and Recreation:

Get out on the lake with a kayak rental at Lakeside Park right here in Menomonie! Thanks to a partnership between the City of Menomonie, Menomonie Recreation Department, and Explore Menomonie, four kayaks are available to help both visitors and community members enjoy Lake Menomin. It’s easy, scan the QR code, fill out the forms, pay, and you’re on your way!

This weekend looks perfect to enjoy a leisurely paddle around the lake!

The kiosk for kayak rental is located in Lakeside Park. To rent the canoes you will need a cell phone with the Rent.Fun app installed. 

rental info

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Paster Lawrenc… (not verified)

They should have this in Eau Claire Wisconsin,, at Halfmoon lake and at Riverview Park so that visitors can and people in Eau Claire, Wisconsin can rent thim and be able to see our good place 's to be able to see this places.

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