Items of particular interest on tonight's agenda:

Public Comments:

Registered speaker speaks against approving the WASB Resolution on the Retirement of Native American Mascots, asking board members to abstain.

Roberts Rules of Order for Considering Resolutions:

Discussion on voting on a resolution, in particular, the WASB resolution listed below. Jim Swanson states that despite the discussion in July he does not see any reason why voting for resolutions should be different on resolutions than any other action. At the last meeting, multiple members suggested that the resolution should only be supported if the vote is unanimous.

WASB's legal counsel has suggested that the proper way to manage voting on a resolution should be by majority vote. 

Action to Approve WASB Resolution Regarding the Retirement of Native American Mascots

DIscussion on vote - Jim Swanson recommends that passing this resolution is important in support of Native American students throughout the state, citing previous bad behavior at sporting events RE: Native American team names and mascots. 

David Styer argues against recalling the controversy on the mascot in Menomonie which led to a recall elections, and thinks we have no business telling other school districts what to do, and takes offense at Swanson's statement in July that if the board does not support this resolution it would be a bigoted action.

Board member Chris Thompson argues in support of the resoltuion - "You can't pick and choose where you support other cultures". 

Board Member Penny Burstad argues against, saying "It's not our job" and recommends against dragging up this divisive issue again.

Member Moses argues that the board is "wasting our time". 

Resolution passed 4-2 with one abstention. 

Buildings and Grounds Annual Report

Report on many small improvements in Buildings and Grounds throughout the district at approximately 53 minutes into the video.

Summer School Report

Participation in Summer School was high.  New collaboration with CVTC this year. There is a slide show in the video about Summer School at approximately 1:05 into the video.

Substitute Teacher Compensation:

There was a lengthy discussion about new incentives to substitute teachers. The suggestion on the table is increasing daily substitute teacher pay to $115 per day with an incentive for teachers who have worked a total of 30 days in the school year. This will be voted on at the next board meeting.

Boys and Girls Club contract extension -

Recommendation from Supt. Zydowsky is to renew the contract for five years since this was very successful.

Video of the meeting will be available by Wednesday, Sept. 11.

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