This meeting will take place at 7 PM on Monday, Dec. 21

Pledge of Allegiance

1. Roll Call & Special Recognitions

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Public Hearings

4. Public Comments

5. Unfinished Business

6. New Business

A. Authorization to appoint Heidi Olson as the City Treasurer/Comptroller – discussion and possible motion approving

This was approved by the Council. 

B. Proposed Fire Department Medical Transportation Services agreement – discussion and possible motion approving

The purpose of this is to re-imburse the Fire Department for medical transport - particularly transport of patients from the hospital to nursing facilities at times that taxis are not available. This would be approximately $200 per call. This proposal was passed. 

C. Proposed 2021-2022 contract agreement with the Menomonie Police Lieutenants Association – discussion and possible motion approving

The contract was approved by the city council. 

D. Proposed 6-4-1 ordinance amendment for four-hour parking limits on the 700-1000 blocks of 2 nd Street West – discussion and possible ordinance adoption

This makes the city ordinance in line with what the current parking limits really are - the ordinance calls for 2-hour parking. The ordinance amendment was approved. 

E. Budget Transfers

7. Mayor’s Report

Highlights of 2020 -

New city signs.

New road by Quik Trip and Fleet Farm

5th St. West by the High School

The new DPW garage.

Wolske Bay dredging

Prevea Frontage Road

Broadway Pedestrian Crossings with flashing lights

Wakanda Park improvements

Main St. Sidewalks

Christmas Miracle/Winter Wonderland will have power within the next few days. 

Waste Water Treatment Plant phase 2.

The mayor passed on thank-you's for all of the projects to the council.

A reminder to citizens that it is time to file papers for city council offices.

8. Communications and Miscellaneous Business

9. Claims

10. Licenses A. Normal license list

11. Closed Session – None

12. Return to Open Session

13. Adjourn

Adjourned at 7:34 PM.

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