A live stream of the meeting will appear on this page at 5:30 PM.

In order to provide sufficient physical distancing, in-person attendance for the public Board meeting will be limited to 25 people. It is anticipated that there will be 14 spaces available for members of the public.

The meeting will also be live-streamed at: https://ensemble.cesa10.k12.wi.us/Watch/j2TAb89N Members of the public are welcome to provide comments to the Board during the Community Communications item listed on the agenda. In-person community communications will be allowed at Monday’s meeting, but comments may also be provided in writing.

Please submit your written comments to [email protected] by 3:00 p.m. on Monday,

May 10, 2021.



A. Call to Order

B. Roll Call and Quorum

C. Pledge of Allegiance and Reading of Mission Statement

D. Agenda Order and Approval/Revision

E. Recommendations and Commendations

F. Student Representative Communications

G. Community Communications

H. Board Member/Superintendent Communications

I. Revenue and Expenditure Reports for the Month Ended April 2021

J. Monthly Employment Report (April 2021)


A. Action to Approve Consent Agenda

1. Minutes of Regular Meeting of April 12, 2021, Reorganization Meeting of April 26, 2021, and Special Meeting of April 26, 2021

2. Financial Reports for April 2021

3. Donations Exceeding $1,000 for April 2021

4. Corrected Hourly Wage Schedule for 2021-2022

5. Corrected Substitute/ESS/Pool Fieldhouse Wage Schedule for 2021-2022


A. Personnel Consent Agenda

1. Resignations/Retirements

2. Requests to Hire 3. Non-Renewals


A. Approve SDMA COVID-19 Instructional Plan for the 2021-2022 School Year

B. Approve 2021 Summer School Staffing Incentive

C. Approve 2020-2021 Budget Revisions

D. Approve Transportation Contract for 2021-2022


A. COVID-19 Report

B. Discuss Strategic Plan and District Work Plan for 2021-2022

C. Review 2021-2022 MHS Student Handbook

D. SDMA Environmental Site Update

E. Discuss Hiring Practices in the SDMA

F. Discuss a Proposed Addition of a Teacher Bill of Rights to the Employee Handbook

G. Discuss Proposed Directives Related to Dyslexia

H. Discuss the Potential Creation of a Staff Survey

I. Policy 171.2, Agenda Preparation and Dissemination (First Reading)

J. Review 171.2 Exhibit, Agenda Format

K. Review Policy 346-Rule, Guidelines for Maintenance and Confidentiality of Student Records

L. Review Policy 346-Exhibit, Student Data Directory Information Notice

M. Items Related to Next Meeting Dates, Board Committees, and Reports

VI. ADJOURNMENT A. Action to Adjourn

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